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Emotional & Behavior health
Neuro psychiatry, child psychiatry,
De addiction, family psychiatry, 

Emotional Heart
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Respected chair persons and members of Delhi psychiatric society (DPS), I am extremely happy and privileged to be here at the XVIIth Annual Conference, before an enlightened gathering to preside over the prestigious DPS. It shall be my endeavor to prove myself worthy of being chosen for this prestigious and highly coveted honor among the psychiatrists. I know my limitations but I am also aware of the great role that can be played by out society and I venture to place before you view point my experiences in the field to exhort my fellow psychiatrists and psychologists that we have a great responsibility ahead. From what I have observed during these years of my active practice, I have no doubt in my mind that the psychiatry as a profession is slowly gaining ground and in the years to come it will play an effective role in furthering its scope and extent in the service of the society for whom i shall endeavor my best with the cooperation and support of all my fellow colleagues. I take this opportunity to place before you a concept of future psychiatry centres. “MIND PARLOURS”. I feel the art and science of psychiatry and psychology has great deal to offer society apart from treating the “Sick people”. To make that contribution, psychiatrists and psychologists have to tackle society's most pressing problems and also raise the visibility of mental health professionals and their perceived relevance to solving a wide range of personal, social and family problems.

Mental health professionals can promote coping & wellness in addition to diagnosis & treating mental illness. We can help people asses how they are coping with current stresses and life events and dovelope new skills and strategies. We can do much more to prevent problems by helping people learn to cope & build their resilience.

We need to act as visionaries for the mental health need of the entire society.

I am envisaging a day when people take appointments for a “psychological check-up” akin to a general health check-up and when that day comes one can be rest assured that the community has truly embraced our profession. At these check-up they could address such matters as their stress level, their relationships, how they are caring for their children and ageing parents and health basics such as diet, nutrition, sleep, sex and exercise.

We should have comprehensive plans for promotive, preventive, intervention and rehabilitative strategies which are holistic, cost effective and culturally relevant.

Annual conference DPS Bhimtal

Mind parlours: A future vision

(Cosmetic Psychiatry Centers)


The social environment is built up of the behavior of individuals. In this era the stress level of human beings is on the increase. A number of factors are responsible for this state of affairs. People are more knowledgeable and there is stiff competition in every walk of life. The desire of seeking more and more comforts, more and more wealth and attaining higher and higher status, keeps individuals always on their toes. Despite best and hectic efforts there are failures. Also a success has no limits and therefore every success again results into still more craving for bigger achievements. There is therefore hardly a stage of full satisfaction in life. Instead there is frustration which causes tension, jealousy, irritation, anger and depression etc. which in turn create personal, family and social problems. The world wide problems of terrorism, increasing population, depletion of natural resources, natural disasters, accidents, worsening of law and order situations and unemployment etc. also cause significant stress on human minds which further aggravate the situation. People find it very difficult to cope up with their day to day problems under the pressure of such factors. It is therefore a matter of grave concern that psychological and behavior conditions of individuals are not checked, monitored and taken care of as a routine which causes adverse effects on health and happiness of the society It is an established fact that once the mind is upset, the thinking power, decision making power, efficiency and work output etc. all get seriously impaired. The problem gets noticed only when one starts showing signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, drug addiction, impulsiveness and sudden outburst of anger etc. At this stage these problems take the shape of diseases, Even then the treatment is knowingly or unknowingly avoided till the problem becomes highly chronic or acute. There are hospitals and treatments for such emergent situations, but emotional and behavioral problems much before reaching such stage do cause considerable damage to the person, family and society at large.



People have now become conscious of their appearance- and are routinely visiting beauty parlors. They have also become conscious of their physical fitness and have started frequenting gyms, health clubs or yoga centers and have begun using health equipments at their homes. However a beautiful face and a physically fit body is hardly of any avail unless they have a healthy and sound mind to steer them in the right direction on the right path. A very sizeable section of the society is thus affected due to lack of due mind care which should be taken up constantly and effectively for all age groups and every segment of population to cope up with the present situation. This requires establishment of emotional & behavioral health and fitness centers. Such center should not be an exclusively a medical establishment. This should be not a conventional place only to treat the patients but should also be a place to take all round care of minds, develop healthy minds and ensure that they remain healthy and sound. It would help reducing the stress levels. It would help in keeping the minds calm and cool. It ought to have an aesthetic and cosmetic approach. It should also be a place to develop finer and humane instincts such as well being, happiness, kindness and friendliness and feeling of compassion etc. It should help in sharpening one's intellect, in enhancing thinking power, memory and concentration and promoting feelings of brotherhood. It should create an atmosphere of lively living amongst human minds.



What could be the structure of such emotional and behavioral health centers? Mind is a birthplace and habitat of thoughts which control all actions and reactions of various parts of a human body. These actions and reactions are nothing but are activities of a human being for himself and for interaction with the others. Human behavior for himself and for the society thus depends on the thoughts generated in the mind. If the thoughts are good, the activities shall be good and so shall be the impact and results there of. To ensure that good thoughts are generated in the mind. Two aspects have to be taken care of:- One, to prepare it to receive and retain thoughts and second to enable it to generate and practice positive thinking. It could be a place of thoughts transplantation where negative, unwanted, useless, destructive, harmful and dull thoughts are replaced by positive, wanted, useful, constructive, active, harmonious & creative thoughts. Such procedure may involve administration of some mental health tonics or supplements (Chemical preparations termed as medicines) and psychological interaction to infuse input of good thoughts and social vaccines of public education information and awareness. And this procedure has to vary from person to person depending upon his age, education. Social environment, area of weakness in mind and severity of the problems etc. As everyone wants and needs betterment of his mental faculties, such centers should create an alluring environment for persons of all age groups, of all educational levels and of all social sectors. These visits should be just like visiting gyms or beauty parlors of social clubs etc. and should be undertaken with enthusiasm and a sense of self esteem and pride.



Who should take the responsibility of running such centers? In olden days, with whatever knowledge they possessed our ancestors parents and medical practitioners ensured proper diets and health supplements including medicines along with counseling to keep the minds in good shape from the early childhood. With the present level of medical knowledge it has become imperative to take complete responsibility by medical fraternity for mental health in all its dimensions that is promotive, preventive, curative on a scientific, systematic and rational manner A scientific system is accordingly to be developed to continually nourish and maintain emotional health of a human being from childhood onwards. As already pointed out that people have become more conscious towards their appearance and physical health and that aspect is gaining momentum with the development of the society but the mental health programme according to the present day requirements has not yet taken off. Under the present healthcare system this function can be carried out by combined efforts of psychiatrists and psychologists. This wing of medical fraternity should therefore come out and take initiative in opening and running such centres.


Mental illness has always being the subject of comedy, sex, violence and crime in public, media and movies etc. which in turns strengthen the various misconceptions in mind of public.It requires creation of public awareness and removal of misconceptions. Such an attempt has been successfully made in case of cancer. Cancer patients today do not feel shy in visiting cancer hospitals as was a case a few years back. Similarly open discussion and visible media on family planning measures, AIDS or sex education are no longer embarrassing. It is though difficult but not impossible to clear of the stigma against treatment of mental disorders. It should be done by separate activities such as literary writings, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, articles in newspapers and magazines could be such step towards such direction. Another state could be awareness workshops, camps, campaigns by celebrities. Besides print & electronic media should also be involved in a big way. NGO's and dignitaries may also be approached for active participation and sponsoring such programs.


Stigmatization of people with mental disorders has persisted throughout history. It is manifested by bias, distrust, stereotyping, fear, shame, shyness embarrassment, anger, apathy and/ or avoidance. Stigma also leads to avoid living, marriage socializing or working with, renting to, or employing people with mental disorders. It reduces patients' access to resources and opportunities (e.g., housing, jobs) and leads to low self- esteem, isolation and hopelessness. It also carries stigma of unpredictable and violent behavior. There is no single or simple panacea to eliminate this stigma. Further, the patients and their families also avoid taking treatment either due to lack of their appreciation of the psychological problems or due to feeling of embarrassment in consulting mental health professional due to the social stigma. Overall approaches to stigma reduction should involve programmes of advocacy, public education, camps, seminars, workshops at work places and educational places.

Psychiatry has to present in a big ways its image of a holistic discipline with a bio psycho social approach as its model that more than any other specialty, psychiatry looks at the totality of a human being.

In order to reach the society in a large and effective major, it is very necessary to take appropriate timely steps to eradicate such stigma.


(Promotive and Preventive aspect of mental health)

•  Reduction in stigma of visiting psychiatrist / psychologist

•  Decrease road accidents and road rage, sports rage

•  Decrease violence (Physical / Mental)

•  Decrease sexual crimes, abuse, Rapes, perversion

•  Decrease divorce and marital conflicts

•  Decrease Crime and antisocial and conduct behavior

•  Decrease smoking, Alcoholism and drug addictions

•  Decrease obesity, cancer, aids

•  Decrease psychosomatic disorders

•  Decrease psycho social disorders

•  Decrease depression and suicide

•  Decrease psycho social evils-dowry, satipratha, child marriage

•  Sound sleep, healthy diet , safe sex practice

•  Happy and healthy life style

•  Good adjustment in school, study, exams, results

•  Good adjustment in family, marriage , work places

•  Stress (tension) management




This emotional and behavioral health center may be so named that they are attractive, well meaning, and respectable enough to ward off the prevailing stigma and encourage people to accept these centers and their services easily. A few names are suggested here.


•  Happiness (Smile) and relaxation clinic Good feeling clinic                                     Good feeling clinic

•  Emotional and behavior clinic Mood control clinics                                                 Mood control clinics

•  Mind parlour/Emotional parlour Mind shape clinic                                                   Mind shape clinic                             

•  Emotional Saloon/mind Gym Thought Modification clinic                                        Thought Modification clinic

•  Mind fitness center Good habit clinic                                                                       Good habit clinic

•  Emotional club Will Power clinic                                                                              Will Power clinic

•  Mind/ Behavior design centre Moral Clinic                                                               Moral Clinic

•  Cope up/ Hope up clinic Sound mind clinic                                                              Sound mind clinic

•  Emotional vision Anger & Ego clinic                                                                         Anger & Ego clinic

•  Wisdom parlor Impulse control clinic                                                                       Impulse control clinic

•  Personality clinic Sleep and Dream Clinic                                                                Sleep and Dream Clinic

•  Memory clinic Couple guidance clinic                                                                      Couple guidance clinic

•  Tension (Stress) clinic Relationship Management clinic                                         Relationship Management clinic

•  Positive thinking clinic Confusion & conflict clinic                                                     Confusion & conflict clinic



The time has now come for giving utmost importance to emotional and behavior health care concept and that our fraternity should play the vital central role of ensuring health and happiness of individuals, their families and society at large for all age groups and all social segments. Our services should not be restricted to our centers but should also be made available to various organizations like NGO, charity organizations, school, colleges, work places, prisons etc. The facilities for mental health checkup should be available to and availed by different organization to such to their respective personnel for their specific work areas such as, educational institutions, defense & paramilitary services, administrative services, NGO etc.


I also purpose that as mental health professionals an initial step should be taken up by Delhi psychiatric society and send recommendation to Indian psychiatric society (IPS) to start a separate subsection or task force for cosmetic psychiatry to promote the establishment of emotional health care centers and spreading massage of cosmetic psychiatry.


India 's biggest wealth is its human resources and there for psychological wellbeing of the community takes precedence for a faster growth and development of the nation and we as a mental health professional should facilitatet that process. We should make individuals acknowledgement of their emotional health deserves the same careful attention as given to their physical health. Focus should be on creating long term solutions of entire population rather than looking at a narrow segment of only those who are extremely dysfunctional and ill.

I imagine a day not in too distant future when people might make appointments for “Psychological Check Ups” like general health check ups and we mental health professionals should be better known as family psychiatrist or family psychologist

Thank you, all once again

Long live DPS





•  Anger/Ego/Impulsivity

•  Mob Violence

•  Physical Abuse

•  Mental abuse

•  Sexual abuse

•  Crime

•  Castism

•  Racism

•  Corruption/Bribe

•  Female infanticide

•  Homicide

•  Suicide

•  Theft/Robbery

•  Selfishness

•  Greediness

•  Jealousy

•  Piracy

•  Terrorism

•  Dowry

•  Child Marriage

•  Unsafe sex





•  Height

•  Weight

•  Skin

•  Hair

•  Dental

•  Nose

•  Face

•  Eye

•  Ear

•  Lips

•  Genital organs

•  Vigour /Power

•  Longevity

•  Sleep

•  Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery



•  Prayer

•  Keeping fast

•  Visiting Religious places

•  Spiritual gurus

•  yoga gurus

•  palmist

•  star/ fortune teller

•  numerous logiest

•  terro card reader

•  Astrology

•  Vastulogy

•  Horoscope teller

•  Jyotish/pantitji

•  Wearing stones

•  Keeping Pyramids

•  keeping laughing buddas

•  faith healers

•  indigenous practices

•  Jhar Fook

•  Tantra Mantra





•  Anger

•  Ego

•  Fear

•  Guilt

•  Greed

•  Frustration

•  Inferiority complex

•  Negative cognition

•  Aim less ness

•  Rest less ness

•  Embarrassment

•  Jealousy

•  Hate

•  Impatience

•  Lying

•  Dullness

•  Shyness

•  Selfishness

•  Bribe

•  Corruption

•  Theft

•  Robbery

•  Irresponsibility