Dhool Sirs Chowk, Village Bharathal (Near Bijwasan),Dwarka Phase II
Phone : 5314311,5314205


Treatment, Rehaibilitation Center

For Psychiatric,Drug ,Alcoholic Addication & Mentally Retarted Cases
  • LONG & LIFE LONG STAY for Chronic Mental patients and addication cases at economical rates.
  • Residental home for mentally retarted of all I.Q.cases.
  • Facility for Dementia cases.
  • Institute is in 5 acres of land with lot of open space,pollution free with lots of Rehabilitation,Vocational & Recreational activities.
  • Seperate section for male and females.

Enquiries : Phone: 5739192,5784799    Mobile: 98102-15030,98102-12377

R a h e j a   N u r s i n g    H o m e

(Exclusively for Psychiatric, Drug & Alcoholic addiction and Child Guidance Clinic)
10223,Gurudwara Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-5.
Ph.: 5738887, 5788855

  • Very well organised Child Guidance Clinic for Behaviour Disorder, Poor School Scoring in Children available.
  • Facilities for I.Q., Personality Disorder, Apptitude Testing available.

   Dr.H.C. Raheja                     Dr.Deepak Raheja                 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh

                 Director & Chief psychiatrist             Consultant Psychiatrist                 Consultant Psychologist
                                                                             & Psychotherapist   

Testing Facilities for Opid Derivaties e.g.
Smack,Heroin,Phensedyl and other Drugs available.